Title: Sugar, Sugar
Developer: Bart Bonte
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Browser

Sugar, Sugar is a Flash game where players must direct steady streams of sugar into several different coffee cups. This may seem a simple task, but the 30 different levels say otherwise. You’ll have to develop a strategy using colored coffee filters and steel ramps to place the coffee cups where they need to go. Just don’t spill the sugar!

Sparkling crystals are flying everywhere. Glistening white specks flow in a neverending stream, raining down from the sky like some mad tornado hellbent on spreading a sticky, glittery mess. The world needs a hero to help rein in the chaos before the whirlwind of sugar destroys any hope you have of putting it in your morning coffee. It’s time for Sugar, Sugar.

It’s super easy to get the hang of this game. The comma above in the “Sugar, Sugar” on-screen title is what pours the sugar. Streams shoot out in different directions (slow enough for you to move coffee cups around to catch them), and sometimes the sugar will be a different color. In that case, you’ll have to use cups with the corresponding coffee filter color to catch it. It’s a rainbow of challenges in an incredibly simple form. Who knew glucose could be such a troublemaker?

Penalties aren’t given if you happen to put the wrong color in the wrong cup, but there are some for ill-placed ramps that fail to catch the sugar. Some ramps will have a steeper incline to make filling the cups go faster, while others will be shallower and slower to fill. Deciding which ramps to put where is the real challenge of the game. If you happen to mess up, the game does have a reset button so you can start over. There’s also a gravity reverse button to help you get sugar into tricky spots.

Who knew this crystalized sweet treat could be so fun to play with? Although we don’t encourage busting out a bag of sugar and playing this game in real life, the computerized version is fun as all get-out. It’s very soothing to watch the streams drift down and into a variety of coffee cups. The music is mesmerizing and puts you in an almost zen-like state as you maneuver ramps and strategize.

Don’t rush it, though. This game isn’t meant for fast play. The crystals flow quite slowly; it’s not a fast-paced action game like many other Flash games. Sugar, Sugar is meant to be very leisurely with plenty of time to figure out the puzzle of coffee cups. Take your time, sit back and relax. You’ll be here for awhile.