Title: Snail Bob
Developer: Hunter Hamster Studio
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Puzzle, Platform
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

You’re playing as Bob, a super-snail hellbent on escaping his predicament, and you must use your snail-y abilities and gadgets placed around you to do so. There’s not really a plot; you simply have to get the heck out of there as fast as your snail trail will take you. It’s time for Bob to find a new home, and you’re just the ticket he needs.

Bob has been made homeless by a construction company’s ruthless actions, and now you must make your way through a series of obstacles and mayhem the company has left behind. Bob’s abilities are few, but they’re pretty awesome. Actually, we don’t know what his abilities are. We just know that Bob is awesome, and that’s what counts.

This two-dimensional snail has to overcome anything from walls to explosive devices to serenading genies in a bottle. Bob has a bigger resume than James Bond, and he’s not done yet. Some of the puzzles can get a little challenging, but they’re never boring. Twenty levels and three different worlds keep things interesting, and the increase in difficulty is balanced well. There aren’t any sudden jumps from fairly easy to ridiculously hard.

There’s also the hidden challenge of collecting three stars per level. The hiding spots are varied, with some being plainly exposed while others are disguised quite brilliantly. Finding stars can give you bonuses such as increased speed, so don’t pass them up! Bob’s life could depend on it.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but there’s something about Bob that just keeps us fascinated. Maybe it’s the superior game mechanics, or perhaps the snail’s plight has touched our hearts. Either way, the game keeps you coming back for more. Bob’s character is utterly flat, dull and sluggish (no pun intended), but he’s oddly compelling. Snail Bob is just one of those games that provides an addictive gameplay experience that beats the odds despite poor development and lack of plot. We’re interested to see what adventures Bob goes to next. Good luck, dear snail friend. May salt never find you.