Title: Dune Buggy
Publisher: Miniclip
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Adventure, Physics, Platformer
Platforms: Browser

Nothing says adventure quite like a ride in a dune buggy. Their unstable suspension and lightweight build make for a bumpy but entertaining ride. Now you can drive off-road through a variety of terrains with the online Flash game Dune Buggy.

Dune Buggy takes you through a series of levels with different terrains and a multitude of obstacles. Players must survive jumping over steep inclines and avoiding the skull and crossbones spots to reach the next level. The clock is ticking, so rev up your engines and dive right in!


Using the up and down arrow keys to accelerate or reverse, you and your dune buggy are put on a time trial ride through deserts, snow-covered hills and mountains. The screen doesn’t show too much of what’s ahead, so go slow if you have to. You can always reverse and try a jump over again. Points are awarded based on how many stars you collect and whether or not you pull off tricks. Tricks can be anything from a flip to getting some extra air time. The space bar allows you to jump in order to boost your dune buggy to new heights. Tilting the dune buggy with the left and right keys will point your dune buggy forward or backward.

The game is tough early on, with checkpoints being difficult to reach. The skull and crossbones markers indicate an area that you must avoid, lest you perish in a fiery crash. Landing upside down or tilting too far back when you reach the ground after a jump will also send your poor dune buggy to off-roading heaven. You’re given nine lives to start off with; use them wisely. There’s a terrain indicator in the top right corner of the window to show you the lay of the land, but try concentrating on both that and the main screen. You may experience a failure to multitask. If you find yourself getting frustrated, simply press the pause button and take a break.


The graphics aren’t too bad for an online Flash game. The dune buggy and landscape are clear enough, and the soundtrack really amps up the game’s energy level. We found the terrain indicator very handy in the long run. It was hard to monitor two parts of the screen at once, but it gets easier as you go along. The powerups and repair tools in the game prolong your run, such as doubling your truck’s size or the slow-motion ability that lets you control your dune buggy better. It all works together to create a unique experience not found in other off-roading games. It’s fun for all ages, so let the kids have a shot at it.