There’s a chill in the air, and the sound of Christmas bells rings clearly through the frozen landscape. One snail stands alone, shivering at the howling winds and iced-over trail of slime behind him. Okay, you get the idea. It’s Bob, and he’s back for more in Snail Bob 6: Winter Story!

Our favorite hero has to suffer the cold and bitter wind in order to save Snail Santa. Snail Santa has been kidnapped by an evil hamster bound and determined to ruin Christmas for all of snaildom. Help Bob defeat this fiesty rodent and save Christmas!

Fans of the last game will be happy to know that the ant makes an appearance. This little fellow helps Bob in one of the levels, so it’s nice to see the comradery. Bob, himself, has all the same moves, but he’s now wearing an adorable winter hat. 25 levels of gameplay and clever puzzles never fail to amuse in this epic winter’s tale, so bundle up! It’s about to get chilly in here.

The colors! Oh, the colors! Snail Bob 6 is rife with them, and the graphics are simply a treat. When you look at how far the series has come since the first game, it’s really an eye-opener. The game runs smoothly and has a pleasant tune to play by. It’s excellent on all accounts. We can’t wait to see what Snail Bob’s creators come up with next!