Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t have anything on Snail Bob! This gastropod with a gargantuan heart is ready to do battle in Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story.

A bedtime story has been turned into reality for our little snail friend. Castles filled with ghoulish ghosts and pitfalls of death make up the fantasy land of this newest Snail Bob addition. With Viking helmet perched firmly on his head, Bob heads off on an adventure through a whimsical world of mythological creatures as you guide him along.

Who doesn’t love fighting dragons? That’s precisely what Bob does, along with battling other enemies that pop up from your favorite bedtime stories. Bob can be controlled by pointing and clicking the buttons in the corner of the screen. You can slow down or speed up using the controls or cause Bob to stop and retreat into his shell while you solve a puzzle. Stunning graphics ripe with color make gameplay even more imaginative and fantastic.

It’s hard not to love every new Snail Bob game that comes out. The creators have really gone to town on this one, setting up a series of levels (one of which includes Bob’s ant friend) with challenges fit for a snail of Bob’s stature. As long as they keep making Snail Bob games, we’ll keep coming back for more fun and more reviews! Stay tuned!