Oh my, oh my! It looks like our favorite gastropod has found himself a lady friend. The adventure continues as Bob travels across a wide expanse of jungle for the girl of his dreams, risking life and snail-y limb to get to her.

Bob has found himself a slice of heaven with a famous singer, and he’s off to go see her concert. Unfortunately, he has to make his way through a sweaty jungle filled with enemies and hidden traps to get to her. Help Bob find his lady love as he hacks his way through thickets of palm trees and angry apes in the newest addition to the Snail Bob series.

Snail Bob has quite the jaunty hat in Snail Bob 5: Love Story. Players can use directional and speed buttons found on the top right corner of the screen to direct Bob, stopping him when necessary to solve a puzzle or move obstacles out of his way. New to the series is a small ant helper who assists Bob in one or more of the levels. It looks like Bob has found himself a new friend.

The graphics are polished, and the challenges are still fierce! The added love story gives this addition to the Snail Bob series a touch of charm that can’t be found in the previous games. The controls are smooth, the gameplay is entertaining, and we hope Bob is happy with his new love. After all, of all the snails you know, doesn’t Bob deserve happiness?