The Snail Bob trilogy has come so far in so little time. Bob has once again found himself in a predicament, and it’s up to the player to safely guide him through a desert world of puzzles and general mayhem. Hold on for dear life! Bob’s newest journey is sure to be his most dangerous one yet!

The sands of Ancient Egypt are riddled with hidden treasures and ghastly traps in Snail Bob 3. This slimy gastropod has gotten himself into a lot of trouble, and players must assist him in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to get him safely back to where he belongs.

Long story short, Bob tinkered with the wrong time machine, and now he’s in Ancient Egypt. Players can use point and click abilities to make Bob stop and go, and environmental objects can be flipped, thrown and moved out of the way to clear his path. The puzzles aren’t particularly difficult, but finding all of the stars certainly can be! Bonus points are awarded for both stars collected and speed of completion.

Oh, Bob. Despite the graphics seeing little improvement from the second game, the display and soundtrack are still as quaint as ever. The gameplay is what players will be concentrating most on, so don’t worry about the pixel art. Bob is a ferocious snail determined to get back to his grandpa, and you get a snappy tune to play to. The achievements make the game as enjoyable as the last two. All in all, it’s still the same family fun you and your kids will love.