How much more can one snail take? The stars have aligned to deliver a new adventure where Bob finds himself in space. That’s right. Space. This unlikely astronaut is depending on you to remember your training and help him find his way back home in the Flash game epic Snail Bob 4.

Earth is under threat from a cosmic adversary, and who better to defeat them than a snail? Bob has a lot of heart for someone so small. His size doesn’t stop him from kicking butt and taking names, all while collecting bonus points for some snail-y upgrades that help him outwit his enemies.

The first thing you’ll notice about this new installment is the upgrade in graphics. Bob is now crystal clear with smooth edges and new gadgets, and the soundtrack isn’t half bad. It’s like Bob has had a major makeover, and we’re loving it! Hidden stars and challenging puzzles are the only thing keeping you from winning. Well, that… and about 25 levels of awesome environments and ridiculous (but fun!) gameplay with point and click abilities. Help Bob avert a cosmic catastrophe, and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve helped out the world’s greatest hero.

We really mean it when we say the graphics are amazing. There’s such a stark contrast from the other games that we thought we were playing something else at first. The puzzles still have the same charm they’ve always had, and you won’t be able to get enough of collecting stars. It drives you crazy to miss a single one, but remember that the time you take to finish a level also affects your bonus points! Snail Bob 4 is a splendid example of improvement and ingenuity in the online gaming world. Play until your fingers are sore!