Snail Bob is back in a new adventure that’s full of surprises and more snail-y goodness. Did we say snail-y goodness? We did. You’ll love the fun features and silly antics Bob gets up to in his quest.

Snail Bob 2 follows an incredibly tough snail on his journey to reach his grandfather. He has a present for him, and he won’t be deterred by all the obstacles in his way. Get ready for a snail trail of fun in this sequel to the hit Flash game!

The oddity of obstacles you find in Snail Bob 2 certainly rivals the first game. You’ll have to deal with anything from fiery dungeons to sleeping swamp monsters as you move through three different worlds (Forest Story, Fantasy Story and Island Story). Bob moves along at a snail’s pace (who knew, right?), but players can pause him to figure out how to solve each puzzle. The game has 75 levels in total and multiple achievements, as well as the usual star collecting that can get you bonus points.

The graphics have improved slightly from the first game, and Bob’s new adventure is surprisingly entertaining and fun. It’s the kind of game you sit down and play with your kids. There’s no swearing or horrible violence, just old-fashioned fun. We especially liked the disappointed caterpillars at the end, but we won’t reveal why they’re disappointed. We wouldn’t want to spoil the ending! If you have a few hours to kill or want more of your favorite snail, Snail Bob 2 delivers on all levels.