Looking for a good way to kill some time and improve your arcade skills? Try the tricky and addictive Bouncing Balls, an arcade style game that will have you playing for hours on end.

Bouncing Balls is very much like the lovechild of Tetris and Pinball, except it’s noticeably less bouncy, though equally challenging. Players must use a flipper to launch balls toward other balls of the same color, knocking them out one by one. In order to knock out a color group, there must be three or more of the same color in that particular cluster. The ultimate goal is to free the metal weight stuck above the pile of colored balls by knocking out all of the rows.

Players have found Bouncing Balls very comparable to the popular Facebook game Snood, but Bouncing Balls was first created as a Flash player game. The design is relatively simple, and the graphics are pretty mellow. It’s what makes it ideal for a wide variety of computers – no slow downs, frozen screens or annoying glitching. The scoring is a bit confusing, as there’s no real structure to it, but bonus points are included and players can compare scores on Facebook leaderboards. Despite being a Facebook game, it has no shareable features like sending bonuses or special items to friend, but the gameplay doesn’t suffer much from it.

Although the title indicates that there’s a lot of action to the game, the actual bouncing is more like lightly bumping against stuff. Bouncing Balls doesn’t have nearly the firepower of your run-of-the-mill pinball game. However, it’s still a highly entertaining game that users have found plenty of enjoyment with. It’s easy to play, easy to download, and easy to install. Players with slower internet speeds will appreciate the simple setup and minimal gameplay. For those interested in a more complicated game, other reviews have suggested games like Party Planet or Bubble Saga. It all depends on your preferences.