Title: Boxhead
Developer: Sean Cooper Games
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer
Date: 2007
Platforms: Browser

The popular Boxhead series has taken a flesh-eating turn in Boxhead 2Player. Now you can invite a friend to join in as you blast your way to victory. There’s more zombies packed into each level, so you’ll need to step up your game if you are to survive the night.

Who says zombies need to have faces? In Boxhead 2Play, you’ll face hordes of the undead in an epic battle. Though the graphics seem laughable, it’ll be easy to keep a straight face… because you won’t have one.

For lonely Boxhead fans, their salvation has arrived in the form of their favorite game pimped out for two-player controls. Not only can you choose co-op mode for any level, but you can also fight to the death in a player versus player Deathmatch round. Whether you choose to fight with or against your buddy is up to you; just don’t blame us when the arguments start.

For first-time Boxhead players, the graphics can be a little off-putting. Sure, you’d think people would know by the game’s title that there would be a lot of very basic graphics, but no one ever said all players were smart. Boxhead 2Play has nothing but faceless, motionless characters and zombies, something that has made the game infinitely charming to fans of the series. Killing zombies is fun no matter if they have faces or not.

The control scheme is very easy to master. WASD and Space keys are for Player 2, while Player 1 is stuck with the directional keys. It can get a little cramped, but there’s always the option to get an external keyboard to make things easier. There’s also the ability to customize controls to better suit your space. There’s a total of 18 rooms/levels to go through with your choice of 10 different weapons, all designed to smash or blow up zombie heads with remarkable finesse.

Boxhead 2Play is, in fact, brilliant. It has effectively refreshed the zombie game genre with new and interesting gameplay that keeps players engaged without the need for next-gen graphics or pristine level layouts. Not many games can succeed the way Boxhead has. The two-player element has added a lot to the series and makes it more enjoyable for those more comfortable in co-op. The Boxhead series has also come out with a few other sequels to keep fans entertained when they need something fresh, but the awesome gameplay remains in all of them. Rock on, zombie fans!