Title: Age of War
Developer: Louissi
Publisher: Max Games
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Tower Defense, Strategy
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

Age of War is a strategy war game that pits players against opposing forces in a variety of eras. Different types of weapons are available for each era, anything from prehistoric dinosaurs to laser cannons and Tiger tanks. Build your army and battle it out with your CPU opponents all the way up to the Future Age.

It’s time to go full medieval. Age of War takes us back to the days when knights in shining armor won the hearts of fair maidens, and kings reigned with absolute power and prestige. Actually, it takes you back a little farther than that. From the Stone Age to the Technology Age, Age of War has it all.

You’ll start out in the Stone Age, where your only weapons are those forged from the bounty of nature around you. Cavemen can be quite vicious, so you’ll need to put mercy aside as you fight other tribes with sticks, stones and your trained battle dinosaurs. Your main goal is to beat the game on its last level, which takes place in the future, but there are a lot of levels in between.

Each level has its own special abilities that you can use in combat. After all, where would the Stone Age be without a powerful comet to wipe your enemies (including dinosaurs) out? Perhaps your trip through Pompeii wouldn’t be as much fun if you didn’t have a volcano to destroy the populice. Just make sure you utilize these special abilities. Players often forget about their weapons menu hanging out at the top of the screen. It’s easy to create an army of pure thugs, but strategy is what will help you succeed in the end.

Age of War isn’t exactly a history lesson, but it certainly keeps things interesting as you create armies for different time periods using materials available during that age. Each player has their favorite age and weapon of choice. You’ll most likely find yours somewhere in the middle; that’s where it really gets intense.

This isn’t a game you’ll get through quickly. Strategy requires time and commitment. Thankfully, the ultimate satisfaction comes from a well-placed army and clever attack plans that succeed in defeating your opponents. As you progress, you’ll learn new tips and tricks that will help you optimize abilities available to you. Despite the old adage, it’s still fun and games even if someone loses an eye. Just make sure it’s not yours!