Title: Bloxorz
Developer: DX Interactive
Mode: Single Player
Date: 2007
Genre: Puzzle

Bloxorz is a clever platforming strategy game from creators DXInteractive. The goal is to fit a rectangular block through a square hole at the end of each stage. Although this sounds impossible (who hasn’t played with one of those shape-hole games when they were a kid?), different moves can position your block to vertically slip through the hole. Each stage gets progressively harder; you’ll have to use all of your puzzle-solving skills for this one.

Have you ever wondered what 3D Tetris would be like? Take it a step further by adding pressure pads and a single rectangular block, and you’ve got yourself an awesome, challenging game.

Right off the bat, you can tell how awesome the game is going to be by the groovy futuristic soundtrack and the impressive graphics. It may be just a block, but it and the rest of the level have so much texture that you feel like you can reach out, touch the screen and feel brick beneath your fingers.

Unlike Tetris, your block has 3-dimensional movement. You can roll the block up or down using the arrow keys, or you can flip it end over end with the left and right keys. The positioning of your block is key to sliding it vertically into the goal at the stage’s end. There are also pressure panels that flip switches, open bridges and more. The circle panels require only a feather-light touch from the block while the X panels need more pressure. You must flip your block vertically over the X panels to get them to trigger.

There are also teleportation spots that send your block to another part of the level. Smaller blocks that appear can be selected and moved around using the spacebar to trigger lighter pressure panels you can’t get to. Be careful when moving your block around. Even if one-third of your block hangs over the edge of the platform, which dangles over an immeasurable abyss, it will fall off. This sends you all the way back to the start of the level. There are 33 levels in total, so don’t expect to get through the game too quickly. It’s a tricky business moving the block around.

Never before have we seen a concept so simple be so engaging. The physics of the game push players to their limits with seemingly impossible situations that require some pretty intense strategy. Bloxorz isn’t your normal game; it’s a well thought out puzzle game that can only be beaten with patience and dedication to your given task. This isn’t to say it’s not fun; Bloxorz is equal parts work and play. It’s an exercise for your brain that’s also entertaining gameplay.

Bloxorz doesn’t need color-splashed graphics or unique characters to make it interesting. All you have to worry about is a lonely rectangular block that wants to make it home to his brick buddies. It’s just that you need to go through 33 levels to do it.