Title: Cubefield
Publisher: Yoarcade
Mode: Single Player
Platform: Browser

Cube Field will have your sluggish brain cells whipped into shape in no time! Even better, you’ll be able to do this by simply playing the game instead of working yourself to death with a physical activity that does the same. The game is all about visual perception and concentration, so you’ll have to pay attention to win, which shouldn’t be hard since the game is so fun!

A fun way to improve your brain power and memory skills is through an online game. Studying or reading can get a bit boring, so it’s nice to have a more interactive way to train your brain and boost those smart cells!

Cube Field has the player navigating through an onslaught of cubes with their trusty spaceship. The goal is to make it through the cube field without being hit. Don’t be fooled – it’s harder than it seems. The gradient background will gradually change color, becoming distracting and making it harder to concentrate. First time players are rarely able to make it through the game for more than a few seconds, so don’t be discouraged if you fail at first. The game throws these subtle distractions at you without you knowing; pay attention to the path directly in front of you, and you’ll have an easier time navigating.

All you have to do is hit the right or left keys on the directional pad to steer the ship. The controls are rather sensitive, however, so take it easy. Veer too far either way and you’ll crash. The longer you last, the more complicated navigating will become. Cubes will start to come at you in more rapid succession and be more closely grouped. The high score shown at the beginning of each game gives you a goal to work towards. Careful – you might just get addicted.

All in all, the game doesn’t have a lot to offer as far as new challenges go, but it’s very entertaining nonetheless. Players will find the challenge invigorating and might have a hard time stopping the game, which isn’t so bad when you consider it’s helping improve your brain functions. Let’s put it this way: it’s a heck of a lot better than playing GTA for eight hours on end. That stuff will melt your brain, not improve it. It’s best to stick with Cube Field, at least until another brainpower game pops up.