The internet’s favorite battle royale is back, and it’s even better than before. You’ll have to use all of your skill to defend and defeat your enemy in a time when sieges could take even the strongest kingdoms down.

Much like its predecessor, Age of War 2 is a game of strategy where players must use the tools given to them to build an army and battle foes. This time, however, you’ll also be defending a fortress. With both offensive and defensive measures to consider, Age of War 2 gives the player new challenges that they must overcome with skill and sheer brutality.

War is complicated, but the controls in this game are not. In order to spawn new soldiers for your army, you have only to click on a portrait located at the top of the screen. Don’t assume you can get away with creating endless streams of soldiers, though. Despite your sheer numbers, clever strategy from your opponents can quickly leave you bruised and bloody. It’s best to use both an offensive force and the special abilities you’re given, along with upgrades and unique animal allies.

You can purchase upgrades with gold, which is acquired when you beat enemies. They’ll drop gold, you’ll gain experience points, and everybody goes to the upgrade store happy. Except for your enemy, that is. As you progress, you’ll notice that the timeline advances with you. Ages fly by as you fight battle after battle; unfortunately for you, your enemy advances as well. If you don’t take them out soon enough, they upgrade along with you to become better and stronger. You don’t want to rush into a battle, but you certainly don’t want to give them enough time to overpower you.

The graphics aren’t half bad despite having only one vantage point to command your troops from. In a two-dimensional show of strength, your troops attack on command without you having to lift a finger afterwards. They simply use their abilities and weapons without any directional input on your part. Once you’re ready to wage war, you click a button, sit back and relax. Just make sure you’ve got the popcorn ready.

Age of War 2 isn’t the greatest war game out there, but it most definitely entertains the player and makes them think on their feet. The game relies heavily on strategy and special abilities that you gain through experience points and in-store purchases, allowing you to customize your battle experience to be just how you want it. There are some pretty interesting creatures that show up as well. Griffins and satyrs can be found in some levels, while others may look perfectly normal. Age of War 2 keeps you guessing as to what enemy army will show up, so be prepared for anything!