Yandere Simulator recently came out with one of its biggest updates yet, with the inclusion of clubs showing up within the game. You might be sat there wondering, “what in the world do clubs do?” Well, allow me to answer!

Clubs are a way for the player to gain some free benefits, depending on the club that they’ve decided to join.

The available clubs and buffs they provide are:

  • Cooking Club – Make snacks and feed them to students and gain a reputation boost.
  • Drama Club – Gain access to silk gloves, an item that prevents your fingerprints from showing up on murder weapons, along with masks that hide your identity
  • Occult Club – Increased how long it takes for students to become alarmed, and your sanity meter will drop over time far less, allowing for much longer kill streaks
  • Art Club – Will gain access to a painter’s smock, which will prevent you from looking suspicious when you’re character is covered in blood
  • Light Music Club – Player gains access to a cello case, allowing you to hide 6 dismembered body parts, as well as a large weapon discreetly and unnoticed.
  • Martial Arts Club – You will proceed to win all physical confrontations against students automatically
  • Photography Club – Gains extra functionality for your camera, and do not get considered as suspicious when you take a picture of students’ faces
  • Science Club – You’ll gain access to a small robot, which will proceed to clean up pools of blood and bloody footprints
  • Sports Club – Allows you to run faster, and won’t be considered suspicious if and when carrying sports equipment around the place
  • Gardening Club – Won’t be considered suspicious when carrying gardening tools

Not only do you gain access to whatever buff associated with that club, you are also given a club-exclusive accessory for your character to wear around your head or your neck. But, if the club closes down for one reason or another, then the club members will stop wearing the accessories on their character.

Whilst you may not have to pick one of these existing clubs, they do allow for some incredibly useful bonuses that will make your stay in Yandere Simulator vastly simpler, depending on which one you would rather go for.

Along with this update came a number of bug fixes for the game and a couple of little additions, like the baseball bat and the shovel, as well as a number of extra hairstyles for you to don on your little Yandere head!

It’s not confirmed on whether the developer has plans for any additional clubs in the future, but we look forward to watching this space to see what else could be coming our way, in the form of new updates.