Yanderedev released a video titled “Let’s Examine Hitman“ recently. Yandere Simulator may still be in development, the latest Hitman game was released already and there are some unexpected similarities between the two games, however there are also plenty of differences between them too. Both games are about killing a specific target who is surrounded by witnesses in a variety of ways.

In Hitman, the player can kill witnesses to their crime and do not need to be concerned about the police. However in Yandere Simulator, the player must be careful to not be seen as they are no match for the police. The other students in the school can be interacted with to boost relationships and to increase the skill of the player; all of the missions take place in the same school with the same NPCs which allows the player to build a relationship with all the students at their school. This is very different in Hitman where the player must kill their target on unique maps where the player does not need to speak to NPCs.

There may well be a few similarities between the two games but they’re certainly not clones of each other; Yandere Simulator sends the player on a quest to eliminate their rivals while keeping up their appearance at school while Hitman sends the player after contracted targets and kill anyone in their way.