Kuudere Simulator is the epic new game from the developer that is still working on Yandere Simulator; the new Kuudere Simulator 2 puts the player in control of a school girl, locked in a room and cares very little about anything. She especially doesn’t care about the senpai at her school. The player gets to experience the life of a school girl, one who has realised that she doesn’t need a senpai.

The apathic girl can be controlled with the keyboard to make her blink, move her head and there is even a special hidden mode which changes the main character into a new one. As a bonus feature, there is even a first person mode which allows the player to experience the room on a whole new level. If all these features aren’t enough for the player then they can also change the colour of the room to brighten up the surroundings.

Kuudere Simulator 2 is free to download from MediaFire.