Title: AdVenture Capitalist
Developer: Hyper Hippo
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Clicker, Capitalism, Indie
Platforms: Browser, Mobile


It’s a bit ironic that a game meant to reveal the seedy underbelly and corporate greed of capitalism is, in fact, using capitalism to make the creators money. Nevermind that it’s a free game – not the way capitalism works, but let’s get back to the gameplay.

AdVenture Capitalist is meant to be a background while you go about your day. Rather than be the sole focus, the game uses somewhat of a real-time business growth model to advance you through the ranks of the working world. You start off with only a lemonade stand. The going is slow and tough. You earn dollar after dollar, making little progress at first. Pretty soon, though, your lemonade stand has grown into two or three stands, and after that comes other business ventures such as a car wash or a newspaper delivery service.

Many decisions you must make as a business owner are the same as real life situations, though the game is a might bit more pretentious and snarky. Once you’ve grown a business to the point where you need help taking care of it, you can hire managers (we laughed a bit at manager Darky McGrumpFace) to run it for you. The top rung on the business ladder is the oil tycoon, but there are quite a few steps inbetween before you get there. The game goes at about the same pace as Monopoly, so don’t expect your empire to grow overnight.


There are a lot of things to be learned from AdVenture Capitalist. First, capitalism can make you a lot of money. Secondly, it takes a lot of hard work. All the facetious references to crony capitalism and corporate greed aside, the game is actually pretty educational. Business in the real world doesn’t quite work this way, but at least it’s a start for those wishing to get the feel of starting their own business venture.

At the very least, AdVenture Capitalist will entertain you for several dozen hours as you strive to become the world’s richest oil baron. Fans of Fallout might recognize a similarity in the interface during gameplay. The cartoon entrepreneur’s unnerving smile and fancy suit will make you glad you don’t have to stare too long at the computer. Just go about your usual routine and check back in. Like a successful capitalist, your money will make itself.

AdVenture Capitalist for Android


Are you ready to start a business all your own while lifting little more than a finger? It’s time to try out the new app for AdVenture Capitalist.

AdVenture Capitalist is the next best thing to Monopoly, and it’s a way more interesting ride. Players are tasked with building a business empire from little more than a lemonade stand and working all the way up to an oil-rich billionaire.

Nabbing an angel investor isn’t as simple as it seems. You’ll have to squeeze a few lemons and get your hands dirty before that happens. The touchscreen interface and high quality graphics makes AdVenture Capitalist look as professional as it expects you to be. Once you build your business up enough, you can hire managers and romance investors to grow your company and reach the lofty heights of the world’s richest entrepreneurs.

Unlike actual businesses, AdVenture Capitalist doesn’t require a lot of your time. It’s one of those games where you just check in from time to time. Of course, a lot of the game’s elements require action on your part, but there’s a lot of room to sit back and watch your empire grow itself. The game is very satirical and will often point out common obstacles and flaws found in the capitalist system. We’re very interested to see how a simliar game with a focus on socialism or capitalism would go, but we’ve got a feeling that won’t be happening anytime soon.

AdVenture Capitalist for iPhone


What would you do if you could realize your dreams of becoming a billionaire without leaving the comfort of your beat up recliner? If you’ve got an iOS device, you’ve got the makings of a business tycoon without even knowing it.

AdVenture Capitalist puts the player in the situation most young boys and girls will find familiar. You’re given your very first lemonade stand and told to make millions from it. How do you do this? The wonders of capitalism, of course! Work your way up to become a business tycoon and spread all of the wealth you want.

The AdVenture Capitalist app for Apple devices takes the original game a step further and stretches your business goals to the farthest reaches of space. After you’ve conquered the market here on Earth, you can upsell to the friendly planet of Mars. After all, who doesn’t love Martian investors? Before you get to a universal level, however, you’ve got to make something of your homegrown business using upgrades and clever strategy. The game rolls along at a leisurely pace that requires a few actions on your part and then plays by itself.

Any true American patriot will feel national pride swell in his or her breast when they lay down their first investment dollar with AdVenture Capitalist. The American dream lives on in this clever, satirical online game that will have socialists everywhere writhing in agony as they watch you profit and build an empire. Chalk another victory up to capitalism and the clever creators of this addictive game.