Players who’ve wanted a new and refreshing take on RPG and FPS games will find Contract Wars to be a breath of fresh air. Choose your weapon wisely – you’ll be jumping into the fray of a power struggle in Eastern Europe, and these guys aren’t messing around.

Contract Wars is set in Eastern Europe in the not-so-distant future where PMCs (private military companies) control everything. These companies each have their own interests in the region. Two companies in particular, USEC and BEAR, have come together in a power struggle, and it’s up to you to decide who comes out on top.

As previously stated, Contract Wars is a first-person shooter with elements of RPG-style games in it. One great thing right off the bat is that Contract Wars is an online-hosted game where players log in to the server rather than downloading the game or buying it on a physical disc. All you have to do is create an account on Kongregate’s hosting site and you can start playing right away, no waiting for updates or downloads. You can also choose whether to play alone or on teams; players can form “clans,” though this is typically a competitive feature moreso than an in-game option.

The graphics are fairly astounding for an online game. Players with slower internet connections will most likely have trouble with the higher frame rate, but the gameplay is much smoother when played with high-speed internet. Respawning after being killed is quick and has relatively no wait time. The game’s weapons range from a simple pistol to a sawed-off shotgun. There are a lot of different guns that players have the option to use, but you must reach a certain tier (level) to unlock the more powerful weapons. The knife is currently the game’s only melee weapon. However, no FPS game would be complete without a player’s trusty grenade, and they pack quite a punch.

The extensive maps and wide range of weaponry, as well as interesting and engaging gameplay, make Contract Wars a force to be reckoned with. Players can find just as much enjoyment from Contract Wars as they can with COD or Battlefield, but at significantly less cost. The game is completely free and requires no download in order to play. The game’s achievements and ranking system aren’t completely original, but players love to have something to work towards; the more you unlock, the more challenging and competitive the gameplay becomes. It is an overall good game that will take quite a long time to get old.