Title: Red Crucible 2
Developer: Rocketeer Games
Genre: Action, Simulation
Platforms: Browser, PC

Red Crucible Firestorm is an online multiplayer RPG that takes much of its direction from Battlefield. Players wander around different maps using teams and an arsenal of over 200 weapons to defeat one another. A combination of stealth and strategy is necessary to win; are you up to the test?

There are explosions. Snipers taking out targets. Tanks busting through walls with a fireworks display of gunfire. From what we can tell, it has something to do with Russia (i.e. the Soviet flag in the background’s title). All hell is breaking loose, and you’re about to dive right into the fray. Good luck, soldier!

Much like any first-person shooter, the gameplay is pretty intense, especially when you’re playing with people from all over the world who make it their life’s work to stay home and “pwn n00bs.” Players are allowed groups of up to 20 and can communicate back and forth with one another using the game’s chat feature. You can either download Red Crucible 2 to your PC or use the browser run by Unity. Either requires an internet connection.

You’re given the option of six different game modes: Survivor, Team Deathmatch Resources “TDR,” Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch Armored “TDA,” Territories and Conquer. Each mode has its own environment with both infantry and vehicle combat. Players can hold up to three weapons at a time, as well as inventory items such as health packs and grenades.

The controls use quite a lot of the keyboard, with WASD for movements, right-click (zoom), left-click (fire) and number keys for inventory selection or chatting when the Alt button is also held. The entire list of controls is too long to lay out here, but let’s just say that you’ll need some excellent memorization skills.

The first thing we noticed was that there’s not a single bit of plot to be found. This can be very good or very bad depending on what kind of gamer you are. Some players like a bit of storyline, and the character customization feature does little to soothe them. However, players who like to jump right into the battle will enjoy Red Crucible Firestorm. That is, if you can get past the ridiculous and overbearing control scheme. Too many buttons for too many things.

There’s also a bit of a problem with the graphics. It’s not that they look bad; in fact, they look fantastic. However, the recommended processor for playing this game is an i7, something that not everyone can afford. An i7 processor would definitely boost the graphics’ quality and gameplay would be smoother, but not many people are able to shell out the big bucks just to play this game. It’s free, though, so some may consider that a good tradeoff.