Super Smash Flash is, as the title no doubt informs us, an arena-style Flash version of the popular Nintendo game that has charmed the hearts of avid gamers everywhere. Players must fight against other characters to win and, in doing so, unlock more playable characters and levels. Team up with a friend for a dual dose of awesome or play solo for a more customized experience.

Title: Super Smash Flash 2
Developer: McLeodGaming
Modes: Single-player / Multiplayer / Online
Genre: Fighting, Action, Platform
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

Your favorite characters are back to battle it out in the sequel to Super Smash Flash. It’s bigger, better and more flashier (did you see what we did there?). The all-new features will have you and your friends spending your weekends trying for the high score until your fingers bleed.

As if the first game wasn’t awesome enough, Super Smash Flash 2 brings back all the videogame goodness of the first one while improving on just about everything. Up to four players can fight each other in online multiplayer in a fierce match for the title of top brawler.

Everything about Super Smash Flash 2 is better than before. Controls are no longer limited to a one-button attack – now you have three! There are more characters to choose from, as well as a vast variety of unlockables and items to bring out the true gladiator inside. We must make a confession, however. This game isn’t a sequel; it’s actually a reboot of the original Super Smash Flash!

Users didn’t like the limitations and controls of the last game, so creators decided to give the game a revamp of epic proportions. Aside from the aforementioned additions, players will also find that the game is significantly more original in design and gameplay than its predecessor. The creators seem to have stepped a bit farther away from the Super Smash Bros model and have gone for their own unique take on the arena-style battle game.

Single-player and two-player controls are still the same, but the developers have added a new feature that allows players to connect in a four-player match online. The three-button attack controls are a godsend to most players who are used to having multiple options for one-upping their enemies. Characters are more expansive than just the Nintendo universe, and each one has their own special abilities. The best new feature of Super Smash Flash is the ability to download playable characters from the web. Players have the option to design their own characters as well, which makes for a truly unique playing experience.

First off, the game is much more expansive than the previous one. The reboot has given players a wealth of new options, characters and maps. The only bad thing is that the game hasn’t been released in full as of yet, only in demos. Many of the new features remain untested by anyone other than beta testers and the developers, so we have yet to see how smooth the mechanics are in the full version. The game is in a constantly improving state and is updated often, but players may be left hanging with little more than a demo version to tide them over for a few more years to come.