The Hearts Card Game is a simple Flash game for the PC, and it uses minimal graphics to give the game its charm. Much of its charm, in fact, lies with its authenticity as a classic card game that most people know how to play. Players begin by having the dealer give out thirteen cards, dealt clockwise (this is count only if there are four players; any other number will require a different number of cards dealt). This is to ensure that all cards in the deck are dealt. The Flash game will automatically deal for four people Normally, the player who has the 2 of Clubs will go first, but this version asks you to pass three cards to the left first. You can get rid of unwanted cards this way, so make it count.

Sometimes you’re left yearning for the games of your youth. The hours spent sitting around a table with your friends with the television off were the best days of your lives. You didn’t need electronic entertainment to have fun. Bring back the nostalgia of those days with a more convenient way to play with the Hearts Card Game online.

King of Hearts has taken a familiar card game and given it a modern twist, sans a physical card deck. The goal of the game is to score the lowest and take care not to get stuck with cards that have high points. The game is typically four-player, but you can invite your friends to play online with you or be paired with random users. There’s also a single-player mode in which you play against the game’s AIs.

The game then proceeds as a game of Hearts normally would, with the player who possesses the 2 of Clubs going first. From there on, players must try and lay down the lowest scoring card in a particular suit. If you don’t have any cards of that suit, you are allowed to put down a card of a different suit (the lowest card count still applies). This goes on until one player has eliminated all of the cards in their hand. Each time all four players lay down a card is called a “trick.” The player who has the highest scoring card must take the cards laid down and then try to get rid of them. Scores are tallied with each trick until the score reaches 50 or 100.

As with most computer versions, the Hearts Card Game has quaint graphics and colorful backgrounds that make it a bit less dull than using a physical deck. Your opponents, should they be AIs, are a series of quirky characters that make different facial expressions depending on how the gameplay goes. Their looks of frustration or exhilaration spur the player on to try and win the game, so it’s easy to waste some time playing it. We do, however, suggest turning the music off; it gets rather agitating after a few minutes of gameplay.