Destructive forces are once again hard at work threatening life on Earth as we know it. Choose a side and fight for your cause, whichever you decide to pursue.

Raze 2 is a third-person shooter much like its predecessor; once again, you find yourself pitted against aliens, zombies and robots. Choose which side you want to fight on and battle to save Earth or destroy it.

Raze can’t really compare to Halo with its Next Gen graphics and expansive gameplay, but this hearty little Flash game has a lot going for it. The controls are easy to grasp, and clear instructions are given on how to play before you even start the game. Should you select the team fighting to save Earth, you’ll be playing as the main character, Raze, who is infected with a zombie virus that has yet to take over his body. He must save the people of Earth before time runs out, both for him and the rest of the populace.

The streamlined gameplay and noticeable plot have really amped up this series. The soundtrack has also made a vast improvement and will energize players while they blow their enemies heads off. Although not much has changed otherwise, Raze 2 delivers where the previous game couldn’t. With several levels to go through and hours of entertaining gameplay, it’s easy to see why the Raze series has won the awards it has. Next time you’re in the market for a free online shooter, give Raze a try; you’ll be glad you did.