The third time’s the charm, right? Well, with Raze, it most certainly is. The hit series is back with its third installment of blood, guts and glory. You’ll once again be blasting your way through armies of aliens, robots and zombies in what we must say is one snazzy suit of armor.

The plot to destroy Earth continues. Raze 3 is an online Flash game in the third person shooter style with gameplay that strongly resembles the Halo series. Armies of aliens, robots and zombies are fighting the residents of the universe’s greatest planet in an all-out war. Your job is to choose a side and either save Earth or destroy it.

The controls will be familiar to anyone who has played the series before, but new players will get a tutorial before starting the game. There have been a few new weapons added to the game’s lineup, but favorites such as the assault rifle and tactical shotgun remain. Your avatar and weapons can be customized quite extensively. Most of the upgrades you can get aren’t terribly useful, but it’s more about the fact that they’re available. Useless upgrades aren’t useless if they make you feel cool.

The plot could use some fixing, but do you really need an excuse to fight aliens and the undead? Raze continues to amaze with strong customization options and seamless gameplay while adding tidbits here and there to enhance the player’s experience. Should they decide to make a Raze 4, we’ll be sure to bring you the latest on the human/alien/robot/zombie conflict. In the meantime, work your way through the multitude of levels and upgrade systems. You’ll have the time of your life!