It may look very similar to Yandere Simulator but High School Simulator GirlA is definitely a different game and unlike the game that inspired it, this one is available for both iOS and Android devices. This game however isn’t really about getting noticed by senpai, it’s more about mindless killing people with a huge number of weapons.

The world extends beyond the school and players can run through the town slaughtering innocent people. Killing the NPCs attracts stronger enemies who carry weapons and can attack the player, it’s possible for those characters to kill the player. Players can keep track of their kill count and there are even a few missions to complete which are spread across a 7 day in-game week.

High School Simulator GirlA looks very similar to Yandere Simulator but it does have a few downsides; the graphics are not as good, the game lags and animations just don’t work sometimes. The developers have done a nice job at bringing a game similar to Yandere Simulator to mobile devices but it does come with a few problems.

High School Simulator GirlA is available as a free to play game for iOS and Android devices.

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