The infamous Yandere Simulator has inspired the creation of a whole new wave of games all about getting noticed by senpai and taking out the competition. Yandere School is one of these games with one major differences, it’s brought the popular gameplay to mobile devices.

In Yandere School, players take control of Akari Furutaka who is secretly in love in someone at her school; she’s not the only one interested in him and must be noticed by any means necessary. To win their love, Akari must kill all of her rivals and dispose of their bodies to ensure a nice long life with senpai.

While Yandere School is very similar to Yandere Simulator, there are a few slight differences. Firstly, players can dig graves to hide bodies in and secondly players can confess their love to senpai. Being seen by senpai in Yandere Simulator will result in a game over so for people who hate that feature, this is a pretty nice alternative.

Yandere School is still in development and is currently only available on Android as a free to play game.


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