The mayhem is back again, but it’s slightly more… meh? Armor Games has created yet another sequel to the gamer favorite Gun Mayhem in the third installment, Gun Mayhem Redux.

Much like the previous games, players must fight a series of AI opponents in deathmatches or join up with their friends and battle each other. Gun shots don’t kill you, but they do knock you off the platform, which actually does kill you. Players have several options for gameplay modes and a series of new platforms to traverse as they shoot their way to victory.

It’s called “Redux” for a reason, namely the reduction in graphics. Instead of the usually hilarious character designs, you’re given what looks like a paper cup with a spherical head. There are only four game modes, one of which is a single-player campaign, while the only new custom game option is Domination in which players fight to collect a certain number of points before anyone else. Co-op mode is nowhere to be seen, but at least multiplayer is still there.

Gun Mayhem Redux was overall disappointing. Despite the game’s new Domination mode, it didn’t really feel like there was anything new to it. The comical character designs from the first two games are gone, and much of the game’s charm has gone with them. It’s just not the same game. Players are better off sticking to the previous games and not wasting their time on this one.