Title: Bloons TD 5
Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense, Action
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

Play BTD 5 unblocked online. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a single-player Flash game from Ninja Kiwi where players are on the side of some feisty monkeys who are in the battle of their lives against… bloons (short for balloons). These fun-loving creatures have had their day interrupted by these dreaded inflatables, and they’re pissed. Fight against different types of bloons using towers with special abilities.

We didn’t expect to be saying the phrase “monkeys versus balloons,” but here we are. Nature has once again brought two forces together to fight to the death. Or being popped, in the balloons’ case.

The goal of the game is to stop bloons from flooding down the winding path and making it to the end. You’re given a team of monkeys (literally) and tasked with using whatever weapons available to you to stop the bloons from getting through. Towers can be placed at certain points on the path and will fire cannons, grenades or whatever you upgrade them with. Since the series’ first inception, you can now upgrade your towers in eight different ways. Monkey money, the currency used to purchase these upgrades, can be earned when you complete levels.

Don’t be fooled by these bloons’ innocent appearance. They’re more than just latex and helium. They’re bombs waiting to go off. Different colors of bloons have their own special abilities, such as the Heart bloon which can regenerate if not taken out quickly. A particularly tricky enemy is the camouflage bloon. They’ve been powered up since the last game, so don’t let your guard down. The ZOMG bloon is the newest addition; all we have to say is that you need to stay clear of it. You know the 8 Ball in Will Smith’s Wild Wild West? Yeah, it’s like that.

Players can save their progress by registering the the creators’ site by logging in with Facebook or Twitter, though it’s not necessary in order to play. However, it’s nice to take a break and come back to where you left off instead of having to go through the entire game again.

Bloons TD 5 isn’t your average game. Where else will you find primates battling it out with floating, inanimate objects? It’s not exactly a nature special from the Discovery Channel, but Bloons TD 5 is much more entertaining. The controls and gameplay are easy to pick up even if you’ve never played the game before. You’ll have fun earning monkey money and buying upgrades in the shops; you might even start naming the monkeys, you’ll become so fond of them. Expect to spend plenty of time on this game with its impressive number of levels and quirky but lovable gameplay.