New enemies and new flavors are the talk of the town in Bad Ice Cream 3. You’ll be up against the toughest of the tough, and with 40 new levels to play, it’s sure to be a fun and bumpy ride!

The hit game is back, and it’s a triple scoop of fun. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Bad Ice Cream 3 pulls you back in for an adventure you’re not soon to forget. You’ll be reunited with your soft serve pal, and together you’ll defeat the enemies keeping you from your dream of being crowned king of desserts.

The most exciting new development is, by far, the new flavor characters you can choose from. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry all back, but they’ve been joined by specialty favorites Sorbet, Mint-Choc-Chip, Bubblegum, Licorice, and Smoky Bacon. Yes, bacon-flavored ice cream exists. The control schemes are the same, but this time you’re given the option to have four players using the Nitrome Touchy app for your mobile device. It’ll be four times the fun!

The pixel art sees some graphics improvement in this installment, but never mind that. The new flavors are a real treat! Enemies have grown stronger and are more challenging, so you’ll keep busy coming up with original and effective strategies to outsmart them before they melt you into a puddle of sorbet sadness. It’s an overall great game with a lot of imagination.