So you thought it was over? You thought you were done eating fruit and spitting out ice blocks? We’re not talking about what you did last weekend; we’re talking about Bad Ice Cream 2, the sequel to the hit game featuring your favorite dessert. Your little ice cream scoop is back, and it’s angrier than ever.

Much like the previous game, Bad Ice Cream 2 leads you through a winter wonderland where you must battle a series of enemies in order to regain your place as top dessert. The enemies you’ll face will need to be outwitted with all the tricks in your arsenal, which aren’t many, but they still work.

As usual, you can choose chocolate, vanilla or strawberry for your ice cream buddy. Their frowny face will look good in any color. Each level will have you collecting fruit in order to reach the end. The bottom of the screen will show you which fruits you still need. You’ll have to navigate around enemies who are determined to stop you, some of which have the same ice breath power as you, so watch out!

The game’s 8-bit graphics don’t take anything away from it, as we all feel a bit nostalgic watching the pixels hop up and down. Fortunately for users with slow internet connections, this game has no slowdowns or glitches like others will. The gameplay, which includes 40 all-new levels, will keep you entertained for hours. The best improvement is that Bad Ice Cream 2 is now available as a mobile app, meaning you can take it with you anywhere!