the impossible quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a 2007 game created by Indie game-maker Splapp-Me-Do. The game was originally released as a 30-question-long demo in 2004, but after finding loyal fans and early success, the full game was developed to include 110 challenging questions, puzzles and mind-bending riddles.

Title: The Impossible Quiz
Author: Splapp-me-do
Mode: Single Player
Category: Puzzle
Platforms: Browser


• 110 unique questions
• Fun graphics and sound effects
• Sound on/off

The Impossible Quiz is not a straight-forward ‘question-and-answer’ game in the traditional sense, which is why it became so popular. The game has very simple and straight-forward rules: You are given three lives at the beginning of the game and you have to answer all the questions correctly without losing all three lives. If you lose all three lives then you have to start again. It does sound simple, but the ‘questions’ are often more like logic puzzles, with endlessly imaginative twists and presentation styles which give the game an addictive quality. You will want to know what’s coming next and if you have the mind to solve it.

It might be a simple concept, but The Impossible Quiz feels more like a game than a quiz. There are all sorts of surprise diversions from tradition within this ‘quiz’, such as double word meanings, tricks, jokes, mazes and mini-games within the questions. The fun presentation makes it seem like a good way to pass some time, but once you become interested then you get drawn into the concept. It’s no wonder it gained a strong following and got people talking and comparing notes about it. Sometimes the quiz really does seem impossible, and you are forced to think in unusual ways in order to progress. It remains entertaining, as even if you have to start again you will find some changes as you go through the previous questions. At times you will receive ‘Skips’, power-ups that let you skip particular questions. You might want to save these until the later stages of the game. Also, watch out for bombs! You must be getting the idea by now – The Impossible Quiz makes the most of its unique status, by mixing the fun and nostalgic elements of quizzes and wordplay with the capabilities of computer technology. The result is something which appeals to people of all ages and interests, striking a balance between ‘fun/compulsive’ and ‘interesting/educational’ in a way that few games achieve. To succeed at this game, you need to think outside of the box and expect the unexpected. Perhaps the best way to describe The Impossible Quiz come from the words of the developer: “If you feel that you know the answer as soon as you read the question – you are doing it wrong.”

When first released, The Impossible Quiz was a huge success, being regarded as one of the most popular online games of the time. Seven months after releasing it, Splapp-Me-Do released the sequel, The Impossible Quiz 2, a similar but slightly longer game (120 questions) which features many improvements and developments over its predecessor. Over time, both games were recreated as mobile applications for iOS-powered devices, and gained a much larger fan-base.

Review by Finn

Great game! But little tip for other players, do not skip any levels! When you get to the last level you have to use all skips! I had to restart the whole game!

Review by Applover411

I thought The Impossible Quiz was awesome, and kind of challenging. That’s the part I love about this game! I really like the questions when you continue from the “Moron Mark”.

Review by Chipsahoymccoy

Very addicting. I’ve never beaten it, but I always want to keep trying. It does get boring eventually to do all the questions over and over.

Review by GoW

If you actually think about most of the questions they’re actually really funny. Let’s say like number 18, it’s not “Hammer 0 Clock” it’s “Stop..” And the answer is Hammer Time which I find to be pretty funny along with most of the ridiculous other stuff and the hilarious drawings. Plus it’s like 100 times better than all the other “Impossible” games quizes and tests online.

Review by und3adpanda

I used to play The Impossible Quiz in high school until it was blocked. Very complicated but fun, brings back good memories. I always recommend the game to my friends.