Defeat your opponents while managing to stay alive in the process. Your opponent is expelled through shooting, stabbing, mashing, smashing, burning or blowing.

Title: Superfighters
Developer: Mythologic Interactive
Mode: Single/Two Player
Platforms: Browser

Superfighters is a game developed by Mythologic Interactive, a two-man indie game development team based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The team is comprised of Johan Hjärpe and Alexander “Gurt” Siigur. Hjärpe has long been interested in animating, drawing and writing and is mostly responsible for the artwork, design and sound effects of Mythologic’s games. Siigur, on the other hand, is tasked with the programming – a skill he picked up in upper school – side. Together, they have been developing games since 2007. They also collaborate with Han Zhu, an American composer for music.

The duo of Hjärpe and Siigur created Superfighters solely for amusement back when they were in high school. The video game was completed in 2011 and they put it on Newgrounds – a site that hosts games, movies, audio and artwork – where it gained a cult following.


There are two modes of playing: single and two-player. Due to limitations in the number of keys that can be pressed at once, certain problems might occur when using the two-player mode. This is a problem referred to as keyboard ghosting. However, it can be remedied by going to the Setup menu and remapping the controls. Another option would be for one player to use the numerical keypad.
The game is very much keyboard based with every movement and action tied to a certain key. For instance, the arrow keys correspond to moving left, right, jumping up and crouching down. The M key is reserved for shooting while the N key is for punching.

Characters, Teams & Terrain

Characters: Johnny, Boris, Agent, Billy, Scott, Mac, Jeff
Teams: Independent, Team 1/2/3/4
Terrain: Storage, Rooftop, Police Station, Hazardous, Backstreets, Testing Floor

Modes of Playing

There are three modes of playing: US Mode, Stage Mode and Survival Mode.

US Mode: You have to choose a character then assign which team he belongs to. Then, you decide how many opponents (or COMs, which is short for computer) you want to take on (between 1 and 7).
Just like your character, you decide who your opponent will be (by choosing from the character list) and assigning them to a team. Then you also get to pick a level of difficulty: Normal, Easy and Hard.
After character selections, you get to pick the terrain you’ll fight in. Lastly, you pick the Game Mode with the following options:

  • Infinite
  • First to 3
  • First to 5
  • First to 10
  • Best of 3
  • Best of 5
  • Best of 10

Stage Mode: This mode lets you select which character to play and make sure he passes all the challenges laid out for one stage. A successful mission will take you to the next level and so on until you’ve unlocked all the available stages. This mode also features more powerful enemies.

Survival Mode: In this mode, you pick your character and ensure he survives for as long as possible.