It’s a big, dangerous world, and you’re all alone. You’re the only member of your team left, and the burden of rebuilding a task force to defeat GlobeX lies on your shoulders. Can you rise to the challenge?

The scientist from the first game has captured, brainwashed and reprogrammed your fellow teammates to be your enemies. One of them, Dex, has betrayed you and killed your comrade General West. It’s all-out war between you, GlobeX and the soldiers you once called friends. You must fight through a series of levels to free your comrades from the scientist’s hypnotic hold and defeat the evil organization GlobeX for good.

While the controls are very much the same as in Strike Force 2, new features like special missions and squad-to-squad battles with friends give the game a facelift. There are eight different classes with over 100 traits and abilities to upgrade your character, and you can have multiple heroes to send on missions so the tired ones have time to heal. You can also make your own weapons using the Workshop feature rather than buying fully upgraded ones from the Store, as seen in previous games.

Unfortunately, these new features aren’t enough to make up for the repetition seen in level design and plot structure. You’re still fighting GlobeX’s clone army, and it looks like you’ll be doing so again after beating the game. Players who don’t mind repeating themselves will still find enjoyment in this game, but all in all, it falls short of the development of its predecessors.