If you thought the GlobeX enemy force had been defeated, you’re dead wrong. You must once again face off against this evil organization with the help of Alpha Team in Strike Force Heroes 2.

Several attacks on the fine citizens of Earth have led you and Alpha Team on another mission to take down GlobeX, an organization that was supposedly defeated in the last game. An assault on a fellow team’s space station leaves them defeated in a horrible slaughter. You, the player, must play as Alpha Team’s new recruit and earn your rank as a Strike Force Hero.

Strike Force Heroes 2 has five all-new character classes available: Engineer, Mercenary, General, Juggernaut and Sniper. Once again, each has their own set of skills for players to level up, but you can switch your character’s class during the game if you want. Right-click weapon switching and aiming with the mouse has made the controls a bit smoother and more responsive. You can also switch up the controls for the right mouse button to Reloading or Kill-Streak Ability Activation. The new graphics and level customizer give the sequel a boost, keeping things interesting without being repetitive.

Despite having similar game mechanics and platform layouts for levels, as well as slightly less capable AIs, Strike Force Heroes 2 takes one of your favorite games a step up. It’s refreshing to see a sequel that doesn’t repeat itself by simply changing a few character elements or tweaking colors and level platforms.