Prop Hunt is a gamemode created for Garry’s Mod then adopted for Team Fortress 2 where players on the RED team start off as Scouts, cleverly disguised as props like tree stumps or garbage cans. The BLU team’s job is to hunt them down and kill them. After the round is over, the teams switch; BLU becomes the prop team, and RED will be the ones to find them out and eliminate them.

Team Fortress 2 is an extremely popular multiplayer game for the PC, and mods for it have been a big hit with online gamers. Its newest addition, Prop Hunt, is sure to knock your socks off.

The Scout team has 30 seconds to hide at the beginning of each round. Once that time is up, the Hunter team is let out of their spawn room. There are many strategies players can use to outwit the Hunters. The Scout Team can hide underwater because they lack the ability to drown when disguised. This makes it a bit more difficult to find them, but certain abilities (such as that of the Pyro) can mark players after hitting them. The Pyro’s flamethrower will still show its effects after the player is hit, and the Hunter team will then be able to easily track that player down.

Thankfully for the Scout team, the Hunters take a bit of damage when they fire their weapon or take a swing with a melee weapon. This cuts down the number of attacks on random objects, giving the Scout team a bit more of a chance. Hunters will take their time and attack only objects that seem suspicious or out of place. Each round is timed and will end once the clock runs out. Should the Scout team have only one player left, they are allowed to use their weapons. Points are scored at the end of each round according to how many kills are achieved.

Team Fortress 2 has always been a player favorite since it was released in 2007. The Prop Hunt mod adds to the already stellar gameplay and gives it even more of a boost. It’s a thrilling experience to be riding the line like the Scout team does when waiting for the round to end. Every approaching sound you hear could mean your doom. You’d better hope you’re a convincing pile of straw, otherwise you’ll soon find yourself a flaming pile of ash instead.

Being the Hunter team certainly has its advantages. You know the other players are out there, huddling in fear or still pathetically trying to find a hiding spot. You’ve got a trusty flamethrower or hammer, and you know how to use it. Scouts beware! We could honestly play this game for days on end; it’s just that addictive. However, that’s not a realistic goal. Prop Hunt will remain in our hearts as we go about our work day, reminiscing about the tree stump that got away.