learn to fly game

  • Title: Learn to Fly
  • Developer: Light Bringer Games
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Platforms: Browser

Flight is a majestic and graceful act, a ballet in the air filled with twirls and the soft but steady push of feathered wings. Flocks of birds swim gracefully in the sky overhead: ducks, eagles and… penguins?! It looks like nature’s flightless bird just worked his way up the food chain!

It’s not easy to get a penguin to fly. Using their wings is obviously out of the question, as they’re made only for swimming, so how do you do it? The game starts you off with a simple ice slope that your penguin slides down, launching him into the water with the goal of skipping across it as far as he can. You can angle your penguin using the left or right directional keys to get more flight time and distance.

Upgrades are available through achievements rather than in-game collectibles and hidden items. The gameplay is extremely simple, though it does require strategy and a general knowledge of physics. Once you get a certain number of achievements, you can purchase gliders and rocket jetpacks to help you soar to greater heights. There are also abilities like Air Resistance that you can upgrade to make the flight go more smoothly.

Beating the game can be challenging, but all it takes is a little time. Speaking of time, the game tallies how many “days” it took you to successfully fly. Once you beat the game, you can always go back and try again to get a better high score. Half the fun is coming up with new ways to make your penguin fly, and there are always more upgrades to be had.

Learn To Fly is a quirky, fun-loving game that a person of any age can play. There’s less concentration on graphics and obstacles, and more on strategies designed to use physics and careful angles, launching your arctic friend to freedom. It quickly becomes an addictive game that you could spend hours on. It’s a refreshing change to see a game that has substance that makes all other elements, such as flashy graphics and peppy soundtracks, unnecessary through dynamic gameplay.

There’s also the fact that you get to play as a penguin. Who doesn’t like that?