Title: Gun Mayhem
Developer: KevinGu
Publisher: Armor Games
Genre: Action, Shooter, Multiplayer
Platforms: Browser

Gun Mayhem is all about duking it out with your opponents until there’s only one man (or whatever those things are) left standing. Players have a certain number of lives, and when those run out it’s “Game Over.” Gun Mayhem supports both single player with AI opponents and online matches between friends.

Any game that has “mayhem” in the title is bound to be an action-packed bundle of awesome. This can definitely be said for Gun Mayhem, one of the latest deathmatch-style Flash games from developer KevinGu.

First of all, you don’t die in the game from being shot. You die from falling off the platform; being shot just helps get you there. Players use their guns to knock their opponents back, staggering them and making it harder to regain their balance. This makes it easier to launch them off the platform to a very gruesome falling death. Players have a certain amount of lives that allow them to respawn onto the platform. Once those run out, however, it’s up to the remaining players to eliminate each other until only one remains.

The game has a campaign mode in which players make their way through ten different stages. Two of them are boss fights to add a little extra challenge to the game. There are also four different game modes for deathmatches: Last Man Standing (also has Team Mode option), Duck Survival, Gun Game and 1 Hit 1 Kill.

  • Last Man Standing – Players are given a set amount of lives to fight to the death. The last person left in the round wins.
  • Duck Survival – Players must survive as long as possible. Random weapon crates are dropped in this round that can help the player survive longer.
  • Gun Game – A certain number of weapons are available. First player to kill their opponent with every single weapon wins.
  • 1 Hit 1 Kill – Players are given the most powerful weapon in the game with a limited number of shots. It takes only one hit to kill your opponent. You play until all lives are lost.

The game has over 60 different weapons, customizable characters and a co-op mode. Controls can also be edited in-game. Controls are Arrow Keys for Player 1 and WASD for Player 2.

Gun Mayhem is as unique as it is fun. The unusual appearance of your character and the cartoonish style of gameplay make it hilarious and entertaining, especially when you get more than one player involved. The online multiplayer and co-op modes are excellent. Although the graphics aren’t Next Gen, they’re perfect for the game. There are also three different options for graphics quality, so the game will work well on most computers and internet speeds. In conclusion, we highly recommend playing this game; it’s a silly bit of fun that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.