Title: Get On Top
Developer: Bennett Foddy
Mode: Two Player
Genre: Fighting, Physics, Action
Platforms: Browser

Get On Top is an online wrestling game that lets two players compete to see who’s the best wrestler. The goal is to crash your opponent’s head into the ground 11 times before they do the same to you. Challenge your friends and family – you’ll feel just like a kid again!

Wrestling matches when you were younger typically resulted in your parent ceding victory: “You got me!” It was the thrill of winning that made it so fun. After all, you were so small, but you defeated your strongest foe! Now that you’re an adult, the good old days seem so far away. Bring back the good times with Get On Top, the popular virtual wrestling game!


Player controls are extremely simple. There’s only one key you need. Player 1 uses the “W” key, while Player 2 uses the “Up” arrow. This causes your character, who has locked hands with your opponent, to leap into the air. You must crash your opponent’s head into the floor to earn a point, but this is easier said than done. The momentum has to be in your favor, and if you jump at the wrong moment, you may find yourself knocked to the ground.

The motion of jumping is visually impressive. That may sound a bit odd, but the characters have a trail of blurring light that follows their movements. It looks a bit like The Matrix when Neo is dodging bullets, and the air around him seems to swish and fog over. It’s an effect you don’t expect to see from the game’s starting screen. The characters look very plain aside from their bright colors. They have a minimal form like the ones you see on Men’s and Women’s bathroom signs.


Get On Top takes a very simple concept and makes it into an entertaining game suitable for all ages. Although you are told to “crash your opponent’s head into the floor,” the crashing isn’t graphic or overly violent. It’s an arcade-style game that soon becomes addictive. Despite the simplicity of the graphics, watching the trails of light follow your character’s slightly slow-motion jumps alone will keep you entertained for hours.

It’s not quite the same as the wrestling matches you remember, but it’s a great way to avoid injury to you or your parents’ now middle-aged (and above) joints, not that younger children have to worry about that. It’s still a great alternative to actual rough-housing that can result in injuries or breaking your wife’s favorite furniture piece. The best part is that the game is free. Memories can be made without having to spend $5 on a boring app that they’ll get tired of in a week’s time.