Everspace takes an in-depth look at the beauty of space while sending you to exotic destinations. You’re a space pilot, and you must get your cargo to your destination without being shot down by enemy ships. Through a series of levels and upgrades, your missions will challenge both your skills and your ingenuity as you explore the universe one flight at a time.

Title: Everspace
DeveloperRockfish Games
Mode: Single-player
Genre: Action, Shooter
Status: Development
Platform: PC

Prepare to go where no gamer has gone before! If you’ve been gaming for awhile, chances are you’ve played a space game. The wide expanse of stars is irresistible to most, and Everspace promises to be a one-of-a-kind game in a galaxy of mediocre repeats.

First of all, the graphics are absolutely stunning. The level of detail and AAA-style graphics make this game worth playing right off the bat. Players will have fun touring the galaxy and sight-seeing; it’s almost a shame that you have to get distracted by enemy ships. Powerful laser cannons and missiles send a barrage of firepower your way, but don’t get discouraged if your ship is destroyed; the non-linear story of the game (although we don’t know what it is yet) promises each player an individual experience with a multitude of opportunities to upgrade their ship with new capabilities and weapons.

Each restart means that the route you must take to get to your destination will be changed, which gives the game a pleasant element of unpredictability. You never really know what’s coming next. Players must learn what works against enemy ships and what doesn’t in order to proceed. The game relies heavily on strategy and a combination of wise decisions when upgrading. Resources can be found as you cruise the cosmos, but watch out! Enemy ships can appear at any moment and can be hidden from view with a cloaking device, making them especially tricky to outmaneuver.

The game’s creators have also stylized the setting of deep space to be more aesthetically pleasing, as actual space is very dark and dreary. Every moon crater glows with a magnificent aura. Lightning storms spark around your ship erratically as you fight to stay alive. The rainbow hues of a supernova create a breathtaking backdrop to an otherwise devoid area of space packed only with craters and the occasional comet. Everspace’s creators have really outdone themselves on this one.

Although the game hasn’t been finalized and details about the characters haven’t been released, Everspace still strikes at the hearts of gamers with mindblowing levels and interesting gameplay. Aside from being a visual treat, the controls and maneuvering capabilities of your ship give a sense of realism to players that makes the game more enjoyable. Everspace gives the space genre of gaming new life and a refreshing twist that gamers will love. We’re excited to see what new details arise in the near future. Everspace’s release date is planned for October 2016.