Title: Duck Life
Developer: Wix Games
Mode: Single Player
Platforms: PC, Mobile

Duck Life is a one-of-a-kind computer game for Flash and Android/iOS apps. Your mission is to get your little duckling ready for the big race, and in order to do that you’ll need to train him to be the best racecar driver there ever was!

The sound of engines revving makes you heart beat faster as you make your way through the race track with the best driver you’ve ever trained. Cheering crowds gather round, flashing cameras in your face as you and your companion struggle to get to the starting line. You feel a tap on your shoulder; the driver leans in and whispers in your ear: “QUACK.”

Quack? That’s right! Your driver is none other than a duck! You’ve been tasked with training him from since he was a little duckling, and now comes the moment of truth. He’d better win the race, or you will have lost the game!

Players start out with a newly hatched baby duckling, which they get to name, of course. You can also generate a random name if you’re not feeling very creative. Players can have multiple ducks and are encouraged to do so in order to have a better chance at winning the tournament. You’ll need to build up their skill in six different training areas before they’ll be in top notch shape.

The six different training areas each have their own particular skill for your duck to improve. Climbing, swimming and running are just a few. There are different trainers there to help guide you and your duckling through obstacle courses and solving puzzles, so you’re not totally alone! These wise instructors will give you three mini-games to complete in each training area. Once you’ve raised your duck’s skill level, you can upgrade their abilities.

You also earn coins which you can spend on these abilities or on fun items for your duck to wear. Nothing says “racing champion” like a dapper suit, after all. In order to participate in the racing tournament, you’ll need to beat the other ducks in a pre-round to get tickets for it. Once you do that, it’s ready, set, go! You’re off to the races! Beat all three and you will be declared champion.

It’s a strangely addicting game, Duck Life. The ducklings don’t look much like ducks, though. They’re more like chicks or penguins (especially when they’re wearing a black and white tuxedo). It doesn’t detract from the awesome gameplay; we just thought we’d mention it. Overall, the free version is pretty much a training mode where you get used to the game. The app version, available on Android and iOS for $0.99, is much more expansive and has more than one world for you to explore. Either version will provide hours of entertainment for you. Just don’t try this in real life; ducks aren’t made for racecar tournaments, no matter how much the game would lead you to believe so.