The ducks are back in town and ready for action. It’s duck against duck in a duck-eat-duck world, and frankly we’re running out of duck puns. Start your engines and get ready to flap to victory!

Duck Life 4 takes us through another series of challenging races that will be sure to make feathers fly. With your trusty ducklings waddling by your side, you’ll need to go through a series of training modules to create the racing allstar needed to defeat your rivals.

Duck Life 4 is the latest installment in the Duck Life series, so creators had to do something different to keep people’s interest. Developers came up with a gem: players can now have multiple ducks at a time for their races and have different options for accessorizing. New hats, new haircuts and an all-new skill set give this game new life. Control schemes vary in the minigames depending on what skill set you are improving, which keeps things interesting. The new game also has challenges by rival ducks throughout the game, so players won’t get bored doing the same old stuff.

Although new styles for your ducklings isn’t enough to make anyone rush to download this game, it’s still a fun time to be had. The challenges are more difficult, and the graphics are still enough to please the eyes, though they’re simple enough. All in all, players can look forward to the same great features Duck Life has had in previous games.