It’s a quack attack times three! Duck Life 3: Evolution is the third installment in the Duck Life game series that’s captured the hearts of fowls and fans alike.

Duck Life 3: Evolution picks up where the last game left off, which is pretty much where you started, in all fairness. Once again, you find yourself training a new generation of feathery friends who want nothing more than to make you proud by winning the races you enter them in.

If we said the control scheme was any different than the last game, we’d be lying. Up is “jump,” left is left… well, you get the idea. Your duck is put through several training rounds in order to level them up and heighten their skills. Unlike the previous two games, however, your ducklings are each given one to two skill sets that are higher than the others. When you first begin, you get to choose from four ducks that each have their own specialities. For example, your starting duckling may have higher skill in Jumping to give you a headstart on that particular ability. They won’t be at the highest level to start with, so you’ll still have to level each skill up, but it won’t take as long to upgrade on your duck’s higher stats.

Also new to the game are the race obstacles. In each race, your duckling will need to use one skill in particular to win, so it’s best to have all your skills leveled up before you start competing. If you’re in a race where climbing is required as the special skill, a duck who’s not yet up to par will move slower and probably lose. There are three Leagues that you must win to get to the status of Professional. The difficulty increases with each league, so don’t expect this game to be as easy as the others.

Duck Life 3 brings something fresh to the mix with the new difficulty levels and chosen skill sets, but at its core, it’s still the good old-fashioned game you remember. It’s just been made more interesting. Get ready for a new wave of fun; your ducklings are awaiting you!