The hit game Duck Life is back, and this time it’s double the fun! If you thought you knew everything about your fine-feathered friends, you’re in for a big surprise as you rush about in preparation for the biggest race of your little duckling’s lives!

Duck Life 2 brings back all the good stuff about the last game: the racecar tournament, the training sessions and, of course, the ducks! This time you’re on a mission to take first place in Japan’s finals round. You won the races in the first game, but can you do it again?

If you thought the levels in the first game were fun, you’ll love playing the new ones. The Japanese levels have that kind of anime charm to them, which is fitting, as Japan is known for its cutesy animations. Your ducks will once again be going through training sessions to grow stronger and get better at each skill.

There’s only four training modules this time, but you still need to level up like you did before. Diving headfirst into the races without getting your ducklings up to speed will only lead to defeat and a level of despair you never thought possible. You must reach for the stars and give it all you’ve got to make your ducks superstars. You can earn points with each training session to upgrade your feathered champions and deck them out in fancy outfits.

There may be a couple new costumes and a level editor in Duck Life 2, but if you’re looking for something fresh and original, you’d better search for something else. If, however, you fancy another round of training some adorable ducklings and letting them battle it out in souped-up racecars, this is definitely the game for you!