As of recently, Yandere Simulator has been updated with one of its biggest updates, in the form of clubs. This latest update may not provide any initial buffs, unlike the classroom, but they do allow for some extras that the player will be able to receive benefits from.

The clubs and the buffs

  • Gardening Club – Won’t be suspicious when carrying gardening tools
  • Science Club – The player will be given a small robot, one whom can clean up pools of blood and bloody footprints
  • Art Club – The player is given access to a painter’s smock; an item that prevents the player from looking suspicious when covered in blood
  • Cooking Club – Allows the player to make snacks for students to gain a reputation boost
  • Drama Club – Gain silk gloves, allowing the player to hide their fingerprints
  • Occult Club – Increases how long it will take before students become alarmed
  • Light Music Club – Gives the player access to a cello, allowing them to hide 6 body parts and a large weapon
  • Sports Club – Allows the player the opportunity to run faster and hold sporting equipment without looking suspicious
  • Photography Club – Gain extra functionality for the players camera and do not come across as suspicious when a picture of a student’s face is taken
  • Martial Arts Club – The player will proceed to win any and all physical confrontations with other students