agario game

  • Title: Agario
  • Developer: Matheus Valadares
  • Publisher: Miniclip
  • Mode: Multiplayer Online
  • Genre: Strategy, Action
  • Platforms: Browser, Mobile

Agario is an online and mobile game where players are given a round 2D mass as their “character.” In reality, you’re nothing more than a cell floating around in a wide expanse of black grid on a white background, surrounded by other cells of varying sizes. All you have to do is survive attempts on your life as bigger cells try to eat you while you eat other smaller cells to gain mass.

There are some games that you aren’t sure why you like playing them. They’re hypnotic, occupying hours of your time with seemingly no progression of plot or character, and yet you continue on. This strange sense of enjoyment can be found in the delightfully entertaining Agario.

Since Agario is an online community game, a lot of the other dots aren’t going to be AI cells. They’re other players that have also joined in on the fight to grow their cells bigger and better than everyone else’s. This means that you won’t be able to read a pattern in behavior from an otherwise repetitive AI character, which keeps the gameplay interesting and even more challenging.

Players can move their cell using their mouse cursor, eject mass by pressing “W,” and split their cell with the space bar.. Scattered throughout the grid are pellets which serve as food for growing cells. Players can also eat other cells, but only if they are at least 25% smaller than them. There are two ways to eat cells: consume those that are smaller or take advantage of bigger cells when they split. Splitting allows you to chase down cells that are faster than you, but it can leave you open to attack at the same time.

There are also larger green dots, viruses, that offer protection when you pass through them. However, you can only use them when you’re smaller, and you can’t stay in them forever. You’ll soon have to face the wide open grid world and fatten up your cell to claim your title as king. Even when you reach the level of top dog, other players can team up to take you down by releasing their mass to feed each other, so you’ll always have to be on the lookout. The bigger you are, the slower you move.

One of the things that makes Agario so fun is that it never really ends. You’re always fighting to either gain the top spot or keep it. The only complaints about the gameplay are ones that involve repetitive actions and a boring layout, but Agario pulls through as an incredibly addicting and entertaining game. Fun customization options allow you to make your cell’s skin show a picture you choose. This can help other players clearly identify you, but there’s also the option to name your cell. You’ll grow quite attached to your small blob soon enough.